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We understand that there could be some things that you’re concerned about…

Will the job be done right?
Not everyone that advertises themselves as a ‘contractor’ is actually qualified to do the work that you need done. It seems to be a risky proposition these days to hire someone, only to find out that they’re learning on-the-job… your job. You want to hire someone that’s been there and done that… with the confidence to know what needs to be done.

Will the job be done on time?
Does the contractor really know the type of work you need done? Is he or she able to properly evaluate all of the steps, and the time required to complete those steps? Is the contractor over committed and unable to devote the necessary time to your project? A project that’s not done on time can be very inconvenient and disruptive, not to mention expensive, we understand that you need to open up as soon as possible.

Will the project be built within my budget?
Equally as bad as time overruns, and usually a result of insufficient planning, cost overruns are a difficult pill to swallow. No one likes to pay more than they had budgeted for. We like justifying cost overruns as much as you like paying for them.

Will our expectations be met?
This is really the big question. Will you end up with what you really wanted, when you wanted it, and for the price that you had budgeted for? It’s only with a determined effort in the early stages of planning that all parties involved in the project arrive at a common understanding of the desired results. Too often, ‘ground is broken’ before there is this clarity, and critical decisions are being made at a time when the costs related to meeting expectations have increased ten-fold. We recognize that all of these things are of concern to you, and addressing them at all stages of a project is in our best interest as well as yours. 

Specializing in All Types Of Commercial projects

Retail Spaces

Dentist Offices

Chiropractor Offices




Sports Facilities 


Swimming Pools


Barns & Stables

Geodesic Domes




Mixed use projects

Flower Shops


Don't see your project here? No Worries Contact Us Anyway. We Have A Great Team That Can Guide You Through Any Type Of Project!

The TQC Process

1. Initial Consultation
Contact us and meet with a member of our team to
determine the overall  feasibility of your project.

2. Planning & Design
During the design process you will be working collaboratively alongside our professional design team who will help shape your vision. 

3.  Construction
 This is where you will see your space come to life.  With the extensive planning that had already been completed in earlier steps, your project will run smoothly and always be on time and on budget.

4. Time To Open For Business
We hand over the keys to you and you can start making money

We are here to assist you with all your design and construction needs

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